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Corporate Clients

Image review

Image is a powerful business tool which can
be used to give you competitive advantage.
If you look the business, you’ll perform well,
whatever your corporate environment. One-to-one
coaching is the most effective way to get results.
A holistic approach is taken during the session
and all aspects of image are discussed: style and
colour analysis, appropriate dressing, hair,
make-up/grooming and managing ageing.
Voice and body language are also addressed.
Time: 3 hours

Personal Shopping

Accompanied shopping is the logical next step
following an image review. It removes the fear
factor and allows you to put theory into practice.
Time: 3 hours minimum

Seminars and workshops

Group sessions offer a starter for ten: a chance to explore
the importance of image in a secure environment.
Practical workshops for up to ten people can be arranged;
seminars can cater for larger numbers. Current topics include:

- The importance of image
- How to handle dress down
- Staying in the youth corridor (how to manage ageing)
Time: from 30 minutes, depending on your requirements